Installation of Ubuntu Linux 7.04, Feisty Fawn 10 easy steps to success

Decide first which flavour of Ubuntu you want to install:

Norwegian and Scandinavian readers:
* Norsk Ubuntu guide…
* Dansk Ubuntu guide…
*’s inst.veiledning for Ubuntu 7.04…
*… and Ubuntu Nordic Edition…

The choices are

All these share the same basic system but Ubuntu and Edubuntu has GNOME as the default desktop system while Kubuntu employs the KDE desktop. There are also differences in the included software.


The desktop CD is so-called LiveCD which allows you to try Ubuntu without installing or changing your computer at all. The desktop will present an icon that lets you install Ubuntu permanently on a hard drive.

Now make your selection and download the iso (cdrom) image:

Download Ubuntu Desktop or Ubuntu Server CD from (the latest version is 7.04)
Use a mirror site whenever possible.

Download Kubuntu 7.04 from

Or get Edubuntu 7.04 distribution from

Xubuntu is for older, weaker computers. Get it from

Burn the CD:
You must burn the CD as a file system image on an empty 700MB CD.

In Windows
Follow this guide to burn the CD

Alternatively get DeebBurner Free edition from
Start DeepBurner and select the “Burn ISO image” option to burn the CD.

For the best result, burn at slow speed.

Here is also a complete example on howto download and burn a Ubuntu CD in Windows…

In Unix/Linux
GnomeBaker (in GNOME) and the amazing K3B burner (in KDE) has special menu selections for burning of iso images.

Check the CD:

Make sure your PC can boot from a CD. You can change the boot-order in BIOS (pc setup). Recommended boot-order is CDrom -> Floppy drive -> Harddisk.


Put in the CD, reboot your PC and select “Check CD for defects” option from the menu. (See picture_3a) This step takes a few minutes while it tests wheather the CD has errors. You should always perform this test for new Ubuntu CDs. Return to step 1) if the test reports anomalies.

Start the installation:

Now select the “Start or Install Ubuntu” option from the menu as shown in picture_4a. It will load a fully functional Ubuntu Linux desktop. Nothing has been installed up to this stage – it all runs from the Live CD. You can now test-run Ubuntu on your PC before the final installation.
Start permanent installation by clicking the “Install” icon on the desktop. See picture_4b. The installation program will let you create and modify the available disk partitions.

You must create at least these 2 partitions:

The main partition should be at least 10GB of size.
The mount point for this is “/” which denotes the root filesystem.
The recommended file system type is ext3.

Swap partition should be around 2 times the PCs physical memory and at least 256MB. The filesystem type for this partition must be swap. See picture_4c.

More information about the partitioning in this guide…

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