Netfonds’ PrimeTrader trading software for Linux

PrimeTrader is a real-time stock trading software from


Installing Netfonds’ PrimeTrader in Ubuntu 9.04/9.10.

0) Install first libmotif3 package.

PrimeTrader requires the libmotif3 package. So run

sudo apt-get install libmotif3
sudo ldconfig

Notice that PrimeTrader does not work with the open source Motif replacement, lesstif2.
Remove lesstif2 and install the libmotif3 package as shown here.

1) Download and install PrimeTrader

Download PrimeTrader from and unpack/save the files to a suitable directory. I put the files to my home folder. You can also put it in /usr/local/ or /opt directory if you like.

Download pt-linux-current.tgz if you run 32bit Ubuntu.
For 64bit Ubuntu, download pt-linux64-current.tgz.

2) Start PrimeTrader

cd pt-linux*

And run




Put also a shortcut icon on the desktop or toolbar.


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